Allow me to introduce myself

I’ve been away–travelling and experiencing new things, ending up in sticky situations and meeting wonderful people. I wish I had a legitimate excuse as to why I didn’t post while I was away. I could use the excuse of ‘There was no wifi there’- which there wasn’t, – but then there are so many other […]

Too much of a good thing

I’ve been seeing a lot of black women appreciating themselves. It’s very refreshing. “Black girl magic” is something else, really, and how the black female community has stood up for each other is incredible. But I’ve been seeing something else, too. Is it too much? Have we begun to inadvertently fetishize a seemingly positive and […]

I am seated on my bed, trying to write up a new post, but I have no idea what this blog post will be about. All I know is that I have to write. I need to write, even. I read somewhere that not writing is the easiest way to not become a writer. I […]

This thing, this pursuit of love.

I’m aware that I’m treading in murky waters with this topic, but why not? What is the worst thing that can happen, right? So here we go. A lot of people find love in their twenties; and the twenties has always been perceived as the age at which we find the ‘person of our dreams.’ […]


In this age of self-discovery and enlightenment, personality tests have exploded and become one of the main ways in which we evaluate and learn about ourselves. And I like them. They’re good, interesting ways we can get to know ourselves better. No doubt, Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs did lots of research and hard work […]


I believe that a major part of life is growth, and that growth comes from learning.What I have come to discover, and this might be just for me, is that there are two types of learning; or two ways in which we learn. Now I’m not speaking of formal education, rather, I speak of the […]

Darling, when will the storm end?

(To anyone who has lost someone they love.) The pages of my journal are damp from my tears. It has been hard, so hard.  Seeing you go has taken a toll on me.  My emotions weigh down on me, but unlike anchors, they don’t keep me tethered. I am drowning, head barely above the water. […]