Scientist or Artist?

When I was younger, I always wanted to be left-handed instead of right-handed. I had read somewhere that a majority of artists are left-handed and that was what I wanted to be, an artist. Artists were hip, and real and free. In character, though, I’ve always been more scientific, so to speak. Pragmatism is my rule. Methodology and calculation outweigh visceral reactions. It’s just what makes sense to me. I did well in science subjects, so I can’t say that I ever felt looked down upon. But I also did well in art subjects, particularly languages. I suppose one could say I had it easy and perhaps that is true.

If you asked me now whether I am an artist or a scientist, I would say I’m neither, or both, or everything in between. My outside screams science but my inside screams art. And art is everything that is not science, right? Extreme opposites?  Well, I’ve thought long and hard about this. The art versus science debate shouldn’t even exist. I don’t think there’s any discipline that exists independently; so much in this world is intertwined. I’ve finally come to appreciate history. I fought it throughout high school. And poetry to me is a starlit night, or a good book, or love. Yet again, I abhorred it in school. Sometimes school ruins good things, which is sad.

Music is considered an art, but an inner look at the math, and calculation that goes into composition might change your mind. And think about architecture; is that an art or a science? You can’t even begin to draw the line. Film and photography require an understanding of angles, and perspective, and shadows, and time. Tell me that’s not science. Conversely, let’s look at astronomy- defined as a branch of science that deals with celestial objects, the space and the universe as a whole. Can anyone confidently say that celestial bodies are not art, emotive?

Art and science are not discrete entities, and we should stop forcing them into boxes.. I have met arrogant scientists, and I have met arrogant artists. People are the same, really. Science may drive the world but art feeds it. What would be the point of a life lacking any of them? These two overlapping disciplines play an equally important role in sustaining the world. I think Dualism may have been flawed in some ways. Good versus evil. Light versus darkness. Have we failed to realize that the one exists because of the other?

Anyway, I don’t really know why I wrote this. It must have been some internal mental conflict that needed rationalising by way of art. (This is art, right? Writing is literature and literature, art? Or am I just projecting a romanticized childhood dream on myself? I’ll stop now.)


6 thoughts on “Scientist or Artist?

  1. “Sometimes school ruins good things.” This resonates so well with me. But truth be told, science and art are intertwined. Nature and creation themselves are self evident of this relationship.

    Beautiful piece though. 👏


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