To the West

Dear West,

That’s you, Europe and America. It’s your former slaves, Africa. We assume you can tell that we’re going to be direct here, so let’s not waste time exchanging niceties. We just felt like taking you on a trip down memory lane, for old time’s sake. Shall we?

Remember that time you took nations that were not yours and divided them among yourselves? No? Well, we remember. It wasn’t too long ago. You held a meeting among yourselves, and then decided which land (that was not yours) would go to which state. Incredible. It’s actually mind-blowing, the level of utter contempt and confidence that you had in yourselves. Too much confidence. Although, perhaps we kind of get it. We were like a prize; an Eden rich with natural resources, healthy people, vast lands and so much diversity. We guess your mum didn’t teach you that you don’t take prizes that are not awarded to you. Teach that to your kids. Seriously. Teach them that.

Oh, and we can’t forget how you plundered our continent. All ways: economically, politically, socially and mentally. Wow, such destruction! Years of plunder and then you still want to make us the S.I unit of poverty and desperation. I’m sorry but you don’t get to do that. So you go around saying, “I spent enough money to feed a village in Africa.” Maybe if you hadn’t destroyed us we wouldn’t need your donations, ever thought of that?

There was also that time, still the same period, when you took our sons, brothers, fathers, uncles and friends and made them fight in your wars. We had nothing to do with these wars, you can recall, but you took them away anyway. Thousands of them died and were injured. So basically, we were your slaves and also your soldiers. It’s crazy how much you disenfranchised us. Well, thank goodness the survivors came back stronger, enlightened. We all bleed the same blood.

Also, not too long ago, you decided to start meddling in our business again. To be honest you never really did stop, but let’s stick to the point. We know what you did to Gaddafi. We know you were threatened by his economical prowess. We know you ruffled a few feathers in Egypt. And let’s not get started on the DRC. You know what that stands for right? Come on, it’s the 21st Century and you’re still behaving like this? You need to stop. It’s for the greater good.

As this letter goes on, we keep remembering more and more instances of your undeserved oppression. Trade sanctions. Racism. Negative portrayal by the media. When does it stop? We’re tired. We came up with a brilliant idea. Maybe you could stop pointing fingers at every other country and start looking at yourselves. Think along the lines of crimes against humanity.

You can tell we’re incensed by now, so no, this isn’t a friendly letter. In fact it is an unfriendly letter. We want to unfriend you, because friends don’t stab each other in the back like you did. Quit telling us to “Just move on, it happened so long ago.” These things were real and they affect us to this day.

Talk soon. Or not.

Very sincerely,



P.S Try to learn our names. It’s the least you could do.

P.P.S Leave the Middle East alone as well.




3 thoughts on “To the West

  1. We should have like a sit-down with these guys and tell it to them straight. Imagine where we’d be without them… we’d own our culture so much more. And I agree, money can’t change everything.

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