People are not one thing, they are many things wrapped up into one. People are not flat, or one-dimensional or black and white. They are not easily understood, they are alike and different all at once. They sometimes try to be who they’re not to seem more likeable, to feel like they belong. People want a home; they want love and affection. They need it even, and its absence is detrimental.

People are just people and they break and they burn. And they get attached and obsessive and they fall for the wrong things and the wrong humans. They play the victim and they are victims, they are the predators and prey of themselves. They do things sometimes without thinking, because the feeling is greater and it’s what they remember.

People are just people, they don’t know any better. Numb them a bit, entice them a bit, and you’ll have your way. They’re prone to being conditioned, fooled into seeing things in only one way. See how we are victims of the placebo effect. It’s proof of our love for the physical, things we can touch and things we can see even if they are ineffectual.

People are just people, please let them be. Allow them to try, and learn, and give life to ideas. Allow them to fail, and mourn, and get back up again. Please don’t paint them in one stroke, don’t plot them in Cartesian planes and pie charts. People need time, please give it to them. Don’t give them deadlines for life, or make it harder for them to survive.




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