I believe that a major part of life is growth, and that growth comes from learning.What I have come to discover, and this might be just for me, is that there are two types of learning; or two ways in which we learn. Now I’m not speaking of formal education, rather, I speak of the learning we get from life and our experiences.I think that learning can be likened to dressing (donning attire, basically) so I will briefly try to explain that here.

The first type of learning is like layering. In non-tropical countries, people layer clothes to keep warm and efficiently transit from the wintry outdoors to the artificially heated indoors. So, you already have clothes on but you put more on over them, for the sake of staying warm. So in this type of learning you add skill to yourself, to what you already know. It’s something additional; additional knowledge. This learning to me seems to happen much more regularly than the second type, and it is important.

The second type of learning is a bit more complex. It’s like dressing up. You take off all of your clothes and put on others; like in the morning when you’re dressing to go to work or school. And this type is much more challenging, and sometimes painful. You have to take all your knowledge, everything you know (it could be about a certain matter) and get rid of it; strip down to the bare minimum. And then you must stand bare for a while, and in these moments of bareness you see every bit of yourself. Every insecurity, flaw, jealous streak, angry episode, everything. And it is terrifying to see yourself so vulnerable, so weak. But then soon you pick up a fresh set of clothes and put it on your body, and you’re covered up once more. This set of clothes is the new knowledge you’ve acquired. Why is it challenging? Because you have to “unlearn” all you knew and then learn something similar, yet totally different. This is the type of learning, I believe, that develops our character and philosophies. It makes us much stronger and wiser. And we know that sometimes, good things come with a price, but it is totally worth it in the end.

Head up. Stay strong. Move on.



I would absolutely love it if you gave me your feedback on any of my blog posts.I’ve been avoiding this for a long while, because I had wanted to be under the radar but I’ve finally mustered enough courage to do this. No more shadows. Tell me if you agree, or if you don’t; and why. There are beautiful minds in this world, which I’m dying to interact with.

Contact me if you wish on my email: tilekendi@gmail.com

Thank you for your loyalty, it means galaxies to me.

“Gratitude is the wine for the soul. Go on, get drunk.” ~ Rumi



10 thoughts on “LEARNING.

  1. I agree with you, and yes the second bit is more scary especially so because it leaves us vulnerable for a while and congrats on that big step


  2. Absolutely loved the piece! I believe that it is necessary to strip down in order to learn more! We can’t always count on the clothes we put on. We must be naked in order to understand what needs to come on, and where it should go.
    Keep writing and tell your truth! It is worth reading!


  3. I think the second theory is a lot like undressing yourself after a very long and tiring day, but realising your clothes are probably dirty and need replacing, so you hesitatntly take them off, because you simply must. Feel free to construe the long tiring day and dirty clothes as you wish. Eitherway, i concur. 😀 xx


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